Saturday, January 29, 2011

Carl Orff: Carmina Burana [Blomstedt, San Francisco Symphony & Chorus, etc.]

Composer(s):Carl Orff
Conductor: Herbert Blomstedt
Orchestra: San Francisco Symphony
Performers: Kevin McMillan (baritone), Lynne Dawson (soprano), John Daniecki (tenor), San Francisco Girls Chorus, San Francisco Boys Chorus, San Francisco Symphony Chorus
Label: Decca
Catalog #: 430 509-2
Format: CD
Time: 58:10 min

Jeff S Wright (Amazon Reviewer)
I have collected many recordings of Carmina Burana over the years, and this recording is without a doubt the finest. Mr Blomstedt's control of all the forces is truly memorable. The only other recordings that come close, and each have their own special points are, De Burgos earlier (1960's) and Welser-Most. The soloists are superb, and do not allow their voices to stray. I believe Mr Blomstedt follows Mr Orff's orchestration completely, as this is a factor in my opinion why several other recordings do not come even closer the the aformentioned three. I will continue to search for more Carminas. Each is absolutely unique in their individual interpretations, but Mr Blomstedt's will surely be hard to beat.


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  2. Thanks for this fine version of Carmina!! Nice to see you back too!!

  3. I have at least 7 or 8 Carminas, but this goes right to the top! Thanks Again...

  4. Many thanks for this outstanding version. My previous favorite was De Burgos, but the sonics were harsh.

  5. @TinyPlanet, @Alvin, @JezB:

    I've just started listening to the classic Jochum version last week. Here's some of my thoughts:

    i) On the quality of the sonics, I would say Blomstedt's version has the advantage of modern equipment and technology. This is especially prominent in the brass and percussion passages.

    ii) On the quality of the interpretation of Jochum's version, I thought Jochum's correctly interpreted the raw power of some of the passages and is unafraid to set them free. On the solo singings, I thought I heard some of the toughest singing passages were just touching the singer's technical limits.

    iii) On the quality of the interpretation, there is relatively more control, compared to Jochum's. On the solo singings, I've no bone to pick, I simply loved the singing, hahaha.

    My half cents worth

  6. Thank you very much for your comments!

  7. Thank you for Sharing this music.